N7 Crusader WIP – Project Updates!

All current personal projects are on hold for a few reasons:
First, I’m waiting for parts to be shipped (mostly for the lightsaber project, which is #1 on my personal list cause I want one so bad)
Secondly, I’ve been too busy repairing my printers: There was a big heatwave in France and my printing room was about 40°C-45°C which is a bit too hot for the electronics. The steppper motors start to miss some steps meaning I ended up having either some light later shifting or under extrusion (or a bit of both) in the early afternoon (when the heat was at it’s maximum)
Last reason: Personal projects are on hold because commissioned work is always prioritized, which brings me to the main point of this blog post: the N7 Crusader.

Despite the crushing heat, I was able to print everything in a few days thanks to my 5 Ultimaker UM2+.


The main body is locked to the humongous canon part with PVC tubes and a metal rod to straighten everything. At this point, nothing is glued. I usually glue everything near the end of the project, after base colors are applied cause having separate parts eliminate the need to use mask tape and thus makes painting way easier. But before I can do any painting, I need to fill and sand down everything multiple times to get the surface smooth. I usually raw sand at 80 (120/240 for detailed spots) first, then apply a few coats of filler, raw sand again and fill one more time before doing some wet sanding (120/240)


And here is what I have so far. I’m gonna do a couple more sanding/filling sessions with 240/400 sandpaper and then I’ll be able to prime it and start painting it.



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