N7 Crusader is done! – Project Updates!



I’ve finished the N7 Crusader! but let’s start this post where we left the previous one. I was wetsanding the hell out of it and I continued. The was coat is usually a black or grey primer that I sand down at either 400 or 600 grit (or higher if I need a super shiny paintjob).


Once it was done, I applied a black primer and started applying the base coats with my airbrush.


I made myself some 3D Prnted stencils to make the N7 logo and the red/white strips.


I assembled and glued everything, weathered and added some shadow in the right places. The photo album can also be found on my facebook page


Aaaaaand that’s all for that commission (actually, no I have a bit of customizing to do for the person who commissioned me. She wants the paragon/renegade logo on both side of the handle). So what’s next? I got a few customs paintjobs to do that I’ll post when they are done.



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