Falchion from Fire Emblem – Project Updates!

This project is not particularly new but I made myself a new one under weird circumstances so here’s a small recap of this project.

Fire Emblem is easily is one of my favorite video games saga. So naturally, I decided to make a prop from it. I went with Falchion from Fire Emblem Awakening because it’s one of my favorite game of the saga and because I really like the look of this sword. It’s so unique and beautiful! Arghhh!




So I started to work on the 3D model. Nothing super difficult. The center of the blade is hollowed out to insert a 5mm metal rod to strengthen the blade and the whole sword was broken down to fir the buildplate of the Ultimaker.

Falchion render

After a few days of 3D Printing, and a few days of the ol’ clean/glue/fill/sand/paint routine, it was done and I was ecstatic to finally hold such a wonderful design in my own hands!

This wasn’t a commission so I kept it for myself. But as I posted it on all my social medias, I got people asking me to make one for them as well. I wanted to save some time and decided to send this one to the first person who bought one from me. I made a small run and after a while I stopped making them cause the shipping was too much trouble… One of the last sword I sent was damaged during transport (the tip was broken). The damage was minimal so I paid the shipping back to the customer and instead of waiting for the prop to be returned and fix it, I decided to make a new one entirely. Once the issue settled and the customer happy with his new intact Falchion, I was left with a broken Falchion (that got damaged even further during the second shipping, the tip was broken and the upper part of the blade was slanted). I was a bit too bitter with this project so I left it in a corner of my shed for a few month, where it just laid there… gathering dust. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon it and decided to slowly work on it. A few moments here and there while waiting for others projects to dry.


And now, I have my own Falchion. Again. Just need to make new pics of it with a proper background 🙂


For more information about my current projects, don’t hesitate to check my Twitter, Facebook page and/or Instagram account where I post almost daily about what I’m doing!

Now off to make more stuff! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

PS: I’m trying to improve the website and possibly adding a store, let me know what you think!


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