Project Round Up! 11th of August 2018


Just wanted to do a bit of an update on all current project I’m working on at the moment. Most projects are on hold as I’m a one man crew with limited free time and since I’m taking commissioned work, I don’t really have the time to work on everything. I’m usually working on 2 projects at once: Commission stuff first and then personal stuff if I have some time in the week ends. I won’t list things I wanna make, just projects I have actually started. Some of them will be finished, some of them might not due to a lack of time. Let’s do a round up!

F-11D Blaster from Star Wars (Commission)

State of the project: “Non LED” version was made one or two years ago. The goal of this commission is to add LEDs and improve the 3D model.

Features: Red side LED and front lamp. Also, the front handle was glued on the previous version so I added a small snap mechanism to have it movable. I also took the time to tweak how the model was split for printing to gain sturdiness and to help save some time during post process

N7 Crusader from Mass Effect (Commission)

State of the project: DONE!

Features: None, just a painted prop.

N7 Valkyrie from Mass Effect (Personal Project)

State of the project: 3D model is almost done. I need to slice it up intelligently for 3D Printing.

Features: None, just a painted prop. Might add LEDs if it’s not too much trouble.

M7 Caseless SMG from Halo:3 & Halo:3 ODST (Commission for family/friends)

State of the project: ODST Version is done!

Features: Retractable butt and front handle, Removable clip, sight and silencer for the ODST version.

Custom Light Saber (Personal Project)

Further discussed here


Data Knife from Titanfall 2 (Personal Project)

State of the project: I already made a regular Data Knife a while ago but with no electronics whatsoever. I’m still figuring things out as space availability is rather thin.

Features: LEDs animations when trigger is pulled. A small video is available here

R201 Carabine from Titanfall 2 (Personal Project)

State of the project: Just started the 3D model and as usual, Titanfall 2 props are highly detailed and require A LOT OF TIME.

Features: Removable mags. Maybe more stuff as I go along.

L-STAR from Titanfall 2 (Personal Project)

State of the project: 3D model is almost done. I need to slice it up a bit and optimize everything for 3d printing without compromising ease of assembly and electronics accessibility. I got the electronics almost sorted out but since I learned new tricks with the lightsaber project, I might go back and change a few things

Features: Trigger responsive rotating parts. LEDs.

Here a small timelapse of my first 3D modeling sessions:

And here’s another small video from my Twitter account of the electronics that will go inside it

SE-44C Blaster from Star Wars (Personal Project)

State of the project: 3D Model still in the making.

Features: TBD

 That’s all folks!

I actually have some other stuff but I wanted to focus on the more defined projects. I’m also learning Zbrush to be able to tackle more organic designs like this Harry Potter Elder Wand I made a few month ago. Perfect to start practicing Zbrush!



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