Here’s a non exhaustive list of my most frequently asked questions

If there is something missing, feel free to shoot me a message using the contact page or you can hit me up on my social medias (links in the sidebar) or by email at starjeff3d@gmail.com

Do you plan on opening up a Patreon to share models or 3D printed props guides?

For the moment, no. Why ?: I don’t have enough time. I’m already having a hard time regularly adding blog entries on this website so I don’t see myself writing guides or maintaining a Patreon page.

How can I buy something from you?

I do have an Etsy shop for such requests, you can find it by following the commissions page

Or you can just click here to go directly to the Etsy Shop

How much does this particular props weighs? How big this particular prop is?

All information regarding size and weight can be found in the Etsy listing descriptions of each props (first paragraphs).

Why is [insert specific replica name] not available on your shop?

Most of the time, the reason is that I try to avoid getting flooded with orders I couldn’t complete in a reasonable leadtime so I only put one item available at a time. If something is not available at a given moment, it means someone bought one very recently.

It is regularly updated and the item will be available once again in a few days.

If you’re afraid to miss the spot, feel free to send me a message on Etsy to save the next spot.

That being said, some items I don’t sell anymore as I wait to get a bigger workshop to start making resin kits to improve durability (long swords, mostly)

How much do you charge for custom work?

It really depends on what you’re asking for so I don’t have any baseline to give.
There are a lot of factors to take into account: Size, weight, complexity of the shapes, complexity of the paintjob, etc
Every prop is different so the best way to get a proper quote is to send me a picture of what you want and I’ll get back to you ASAP

Do you do full body armors or helmets?

No as it requires too much fitting and it’s too complicated for me to make something like this without having the person right next to me to make measure and adjustments.
I also never made one so far and can’t guarantee a certain level of quality.

I’ve recently started working on a Titanfall 2 Helmet but until the project is finished and optimized, the answer is still no.

What the overall deadline for making a prop?

For something that I already made (basically, everything on my Etsy Store), the maximum leadtime is:
Small items such as belt buckles: 1-2 week
Handgun sized items: 2-3 weeks
Rifle sized: 3-4 weeks
For custom work, it depends on the prop

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes but keep in mind that I’m not responsible for the shipping deadlines.
For Europe 3-5 business days
For Non-Europe: 5-8 business days
All props are well packed for maximum protection and package can be tracked online (even for small items send by bubbled envelopes)

Can I have a custom paintjob or my name written on the side?

Yep. I usually do it for free but if it’s a bit complex I may charge 5-10€ extra (rainbow skin, that sort of stuff)

Do you sell your 3D files?

Short anwer: No.

I did have a Patreon account where I shared some of my 3D models but I couldn’t keep up with both a Patreon for 3D files AND a propmaking workshop so I had to cancel the Patreon thing.