M7S Caseless SMG Replica from Halo 3 ODST

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Here’s a 1:1 3D-Printed fan-art inspired version of the famous M7S Caseless SMG from HALO 3 / HALO 3: ODST.

The prop displayed in the pictures above was 3D modeled, 3D printed, post processed and painted entirely by myself. Available in a raw 3d printed kit or fully finished and assembled.

Reminder: Everything is made to order, I don’t have any stock whatsoever so be sure to check the corresponding section regarding lead times before ordering something.


  • Retractable butt and front handle.
  • Removable sight and silencer so that the replica can be either a regular or ODST version of the M7 Caseless SMG.
  • Removable mag held by magnets.
  • It does not fire anything, the trigger is fixed.
  • Blaze orange barrel plug will be provided.


The replica weighs around 600g and its length is about 420mm (16.5inches) fully retracted and 690mm (27.1 inches) with butt fully extended and silencer installed.


Time to make: between 2-4 weeks depending on current order queue.

Shipping time will depend on destination country. Items are shipped from France and links for tracking package will be provided. Overall shipping time:

  • France: 2-3 days
  • Europe: 4-5 days
  • Rest of the world 6-8 days

M7S Caseless SMG Replica from Halo 3 ODST [FAN-ART]

Non official, fan made prop. Raw 3D Printed kit version. Shipping fee included in final price.


M7S Caseless SMG Replica from HALO 3 ODST [FAN-ART]

Non official, fan made prop. Fully finished and assembled version. Shipping fee included in final price.


For raw 3D Printed kits:

  • Perfect for people on a budget or people wanting to assemble and paint it themselves.
  • Manual not included but can be made on demand. Stencils for logos included (if needed)
  • Printed on a high quality 3D Printer Ultimaker 2 with high quality FormFutura PLA with a standard resolution of 0.1mm (100 microns) or 0.15mm (150 microns) for really big parts to get the best result possible with a respectable time frame.
  • Parts are raw from the printer, meaning clean-up is required (removing support, brims) but don’t worry! I always design the parts with little to no support to ease up this process. Also, parts are designed to fit in one another for a good combination of ease of assembly, ease of post processing and overall strength.
  • Printed in silver or black, depending on what I have at the moment. Can be printed in custom colors, this will change the deadline and a small fee may be added (to be discussed in PM for more info)
  • 3D Printed items can be glued with super glue (cyanoacrylate) or epoxy. Depending on the model, pegs are included for easy and accurate assembly.

For fully finished props:

  • This props is perfect for cosplayers and/or collectors who want a prop, ready to go out of the box. Sold fully painted and assembled. Some props (rifles and sniper props mainly) may be sent in two parts for you to glue to avoid troubles during shipping. In that case, A small tube of hardglue will be provided.
  • The replica is made of durable PLA, some parts may be made of ABS, Nylon or other specific material depending on the filament I have at the time and properties needed.
  • It’s painted with an Iwata airbrush and Createx/Vallejo acrylic paint. Coats of varnish are applied to maximize paint protection.
  • Custom paintjob and other personalization requests can be made on demand.

This is not the droid prop you’re looking for? I take commissions so be sure to send me a PM about your project. (Although availability is not always guaranteed as I’m a one man crew with a limited schedule)

This item is NON OFFICIAL and FAN MADE

Intellectual property belongs to 343 Industries
Original design by 343 Industries dev team

Recast not allowed

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by private message on my social medias or e-mail me at starjeff3d@gmail.com