After a very long delibaration with myself, I finally decided to open up a Patreon page!

Why creating a Patreon page?

Right now, the idea is to give exclusive access to some of my ready to print 3D models. But my long term goal would be to start making tutorials on 3d printed propmaking as well. The 3d models access will be divided into 3 tiers (maybe more in the future, for STEP files and PDF blueprints):

  • First Tier: Small stuff that don’t take long to 3D model.
  • Second Tier: Medium models that take a few hours to 3d model
  • Third Tier: Complex/large models that require 10+ hours to 3d model.


Will you add more 3D models in the future? If so, at which rate?

I’ll regularly create and upload more 3D models to add to the corresponding tier. The rate will vary depending on my schedule but I plan to upload at least 2 to 3 3D models each month.

Here’s a small preview of the next models that will be gradually added in the upcoming months.

If I get enough people committing, I would love to start recording videos on 3D printing propmaking as a whole: 3D modeling tips, 3d printing tips, Painting, etc…and be more interactive with the community (video chat, live streams etc). Maybe I’ll do other tiers with PDF blueprints for people who like to 3d model and/or scratch build and a tier for STEP files so that you guys can customize them a bit.

How will it work exactly?

Depending on which tier you’re on, you’ll be given a specific link to a shared folder that will have all the corresponding files in STL format, ready to be printed.

All 3d models will be shared in STL format and will be optimized for Ultimaker 2 sized 3D printer (22.3 cm × 22.3 cm × 20.5 cm). All files are 1:1 scale and guaranteed 3d printable as I’ll have 3D printed and post processed them at least once before uploading.
Small variations on the 3d models will be made on demand of the patrons (for exemple, hollowing the Pokemon Go Potion to fit a phone powerbank or adding room for on/off switch and LEDs for a replica etc)

Something worth saying about the use of the STLs: those files are for personal use only and should not be shared so:
Please don’t sell them on website like ETSY or Ebay, etc … (files or print)
And please don’t upload them on other websites (like Grabcad, Thingiverse, Youmagine, etc…)

Will you add your most current models?

Yes, eventually but only if people don’t share or sell them elsewhere. I’ll start by uploading my oldest models just to test the waters but if people don’t play by the rules, I’ll simply shut down the page.

I’m also open to suggestions for other contents so feel free to ask!

If you’re using those files as a part of a cosplay or else, credit is greatly appreciated and do not hesitate to tag me on social medias so I can share it 😉

Feel free to follow me on my social medias where I post daily about what I’m working on:

I’m counting on you!
Jeff aka StarJeff